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ALL STUDENTS READ!!!! Completion of ALL Courses before ELDT credits are issued.

by Jason Grammes -

Dear Students, 

Depending on the class of CDL you are obtaining, there will be a variation of courses that must be completed BEFORE any ELDT credits can be uploaded to the FMCSA's TPR. Failure to complete these courses will delay timely reporting. To see the courses that need to be completed, simply click on the MY COURSES tab at the top of any page in the LMS. If you are unsure of what must be completed, please consult with your Instructor or any ELDT Academy staff member.

Further, ALL courses MUST be passed and completed with a minimum of 80% BEFORE taking the Final Exam in each course. Failure to do so will again delay proper and timely reporting of your ELDT credits to the FMCSA's TPR.

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